For the past few weeks, one question has really been niggling in my mind. What is it with the Chanel No.5 advert featuring Brad Pitt? Why they hype? The more people are moaning about it (“Brad sold out”…”It’s ludicrous”…”The advert is bonkers”), the more attention the advert is getting, hence letting the advert do what it’s meant to do…

This advert has been ridiculed, parodied even. It’s been written about in newspapers. I must say that Chanel’s TV adverts are not usually my favourite (I am unsure about the mini movie-type adverts of late), but I didn’t see much hype about the advert with Nicole Kidman, or Kiera Knightly.

Perhaps it’s the monologue Brad has with himself that is a bit cringe.

But people, the more discussions, the more advertising space and time for Chanel. And it’s like the age old trick when you tell someone not to do something then they will do it (“Don’t think of a pink elephant”).

Don’t go and view the Chanel No.5 advert featuring Brad Pitt.

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