Marketers have been warned to take their social media activity more seriously and enforce higher standards of planning, strategy and evaluation into campaigns on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to boost their effectiveness.


It certainly is the ‘must do’ of the times but I’ve come across many companies through our social media surveys as well as clients who are simply on-board with social media just for the sake of it. To be on Facebook and Twitter isn’t for everyone and so its use must be approached with a clear and precise strategy separate from other channels.

If you are going to utilise social media then do it for the right reasons.

The current dynamic of social media platforms make it difficult to analyse the full potential in terms of intrinsic benefits so don’t use them to generate revenue. What they are incredibly good at is connecting like-minded consumers together to what they’re interested in. Providing valuable content and interaction is the key to drive your social media strategy and should be initiated accordingly.

Having clear objectives and accurate planning will allow you to maximise these strategic benefits creating a stable base for your company to grow.

If you’re not sure about what strategy to take then seek advice as mistakes are easily made and long-lived.

Post by Milan Panchmatia - Twitter - Google Plus

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