I’ll app you

Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Technology

I have not usually been one to jump on the technology bandwagon – buying the latest gadget or the newest, flashiest iPod, iPhone, iPad…You name it, I haven’t got it. The problem with sticking to my principles of not following the flock was that I was missing out, without even knowing that I was missing out. I finally gave in. I acquired a brand new, flashy Android phone. Not only does it make phone calls (could this soon become passé?), but it takes photos too (and very good ones at that, with an 8 megapixel lens), and I have discovered the world that is apps. Not only can I check my Facebook through an app, but I can check for any local restaurants, or even find on-the-spot recipe ideas should I suddenly have visitors and not have a clue what to cook for them. It is now so much fun to text on my new flashy phone that I hardly make phone calls (bar the fact that I am still learning how to enter in a phone number without a number key pad). I enjoy having a ‘pretend’ keyboard which now allows me to type much faster than on my old phone. I enjoy clicking on the ‘App market’ app and...

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