Marketing Factory sponsors ProcureCon Marketing 2013: Marketing Procurement Conference

Posted by on Apr 30, 2013 in Marketing, News, Procurement

Press Release For immediate release The Marketing Factory, a London based international marketing procurement and effectiveness consultancy has today signed up to be a sponsor of the forthcoming 2013 ProcureCon Marketing Procurement conference in London. The 2013 ProcureCon Marketing Procurement conference in London is Europe’s only dedicated procurement event for digital & marketing services and is an ideal platform for the Marketing Factory to showcase it’s procurement and marketing effectiveness offering. The Marketing Factory will be represented in panel discussions by founding Director Milan Panchmatia talking on the topic of “Sharing best practice on global agency compensation/remuneration methods and practices” The Marketing Factory focuses on three core disciplines: Marketing Effectiveness & Analytics, Marketing Procurement Consultancy and Outsourced Marketing Procurement. The company works across multiple industries with clients ranging from small and medium sized enterprises to Global 500 corporations. Over the past 20 years the team has built a uniquely powerful combination of marketing industry expertise, proprietary analytical models and technology solutions. The Marketing Factory provides its clients with innovative marketing effectiveness and procurement solutions that deliver high levels of ROI quickly. “We’re really excited to be able to be to sponsor this event as it covers a great agenda for the delegates including important topics such as agency remuneration,...

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Are Media Agencies taking Advantage of you? – A Marketing Procurement Breakfast at The Gherkin

Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Costing, Marketing, Media, News, wasted spend

We’ve just held another of our Networking Events which focus on current trends and topics of the marketing and marketing procurement world. This particular event was a breakfast round table discussion focusing on Media Agencies and the transparency in billing with particular reference to unbilled media and rebates. We held this breakfast in a private dining room on the 32nd floor at The Gherkin which proved to have, as expected, great views of a surprisingly sunny morning in central London. This was also the first visit for many of the attendees so a fair few photos were taken which brought out the tourist in all of us. This event featured special guests Adrian Jenkins, a forensic accounting expert and Eduardo Salazar, a marketing effectiveness and analytics expect to shed some light on these areas of potential savings and inefficiency. We assembled senior marketing, marketing procurement and financial representatives from major organisations from FMCG, Fashion, Food & Drink and Finance industries to join the experts to share information, experiences, concerns and even some horror stories regarding this hot topic. The attendees were able to voice their opinion with other like-minded professionals, providing highly insightful and interesting discussions and debates. We found that these problems and issues are not unique to any one company size...

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The Marketing Factory is changing the face of unbilled media forever

Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in News

Press Release For immediate release Thursday, 28th September 2012 ———————————— The Marketing Factory, a specialist marketing procurement and marketing analytics consultancy, has today launched a primary research initiative into how unbilled media, rebates and contracts are handled within client companies. Anecdotal evidence over the past 18 months suggests that there is a multi-sector issue with how media buying agencies handle rebates and unbilled media for their clients and the Marketing Factory is seeking to address the issue. This is a spectre that has blighted the industry and helps to maintain a view held by many that media agencies don’t operate in an open and transparent way “This is a spectre that has blighted the industry and helps to maintain a view held by many that media agencies don’t operate in an open and transparent way. The purpose of this research is to understand the scale of the problem and identify areas of particular concern. We have seen some particularly egregious cases of manipulation by agencies over the past 18 months,” says Marketing Factory Director, Milan Panchmatia. “It’s high time that agencies are completely transparent about how they earn their money, and stop looking to top-up their earnings through rebates or unbilled media that really should be paid back to the client”. The research...

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Marketing Factory launch the “Procurement and Marketing Effectiveness Partnership”

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in News

Press Release For immediate release Thursday, 30 August 2012 ——————– Marketing Factory launch the “Procurement and Marketing Effectiveness Partnership” London, UK, 30 August, 2012 – Marketing Factory Ltd, a specialist marketing procurement management consultancy agency, has today launched it’s “Procurement and Marketing Effectiveness Partnership” The “Partnership” is a combination of Procurement savings delivery and Marketing insights, delivered as one project in parallel streams. “We’ve listened to our customers and understands that not all companies have budgets that will allow to them to spend large amounts of money on marketing analytics, yet the fact remains that the largest and most sophisticated of FMCG companies rely on these insights to help them drive their brand activation programmes and optimise their marketing campaigns”, said Marketing Factory Managing Director, Milan Panchmatia The Marketing Factory commitment is that they will deliver sufficient marketing procurement savings to pay for their services, including the implementation of a marketing analytics programme, at zero risk to the client. Marketing Analytics – the Cognos platform Marketing Factory will be applying a proprietary leading-edge analytics methodology and IT platform designed to help brands understand how their advertising campaigns can influence / shape brand perceptions, generate loyalty, drive advocacy and ultimately increase customer lifetime value. Cognos helps brands understand media investment...

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