Enforce the Purchase Decision!

Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Retail

How can you guarantee repeat purchases and enforce brand loyalty through each sale?   Your advertising content is as important as the look and feel of the advert so therefore just as much time and money must be invested into what needs to be communicated to consumers, whether in the words used, the tone of the spoken word or the artwork and images used.   For most products being advertised, the majority of the advertisement is left to the specifications and the advantages of that product while silently (or obviously in some cases) comparing it to alternatives.  The amount of information to deal out to consumers is in itself a difficult task as marketing theory tells us that if we provide all of the information right away, not only will competitors be aware of where they stand with you but consumers will know exactly what they are purchasing-“it does exactly what it says on the tin”, Ronseal (1994-2009) – deflating the level of customer satisfaction. Now this isn’t a bad thing as this can be what the product requires- no frills-, we buy what solves our needs but we know very well that to create brand loyalty and accomplish true customer satisfaction we must ensure that the consumer is...

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