What is the value of marketing procurement to SMEs and growing companies?

Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Procurement, Shared Service Procurement

All departments add a level of value to your company. IT, finance, sales. These functions are all clearly defined in the corporate hierarchy and deliver on their mission day in day out. In a medium sized or growing business this may not be the case for procurement. Procurement is often seen as a function that can be developed later on and it then takes time for it to be seen for the value it delivers. Why is this? The truth is that most people assume that they know how to buy things; computers, stationery, print, office space etc. In the most part they are right, we spend our lives spending money and our perception is that we all do a good job. To be honest this is probably true and when the company is small, or the value of the purchases is low it’s probably ok to pursue this path. Procurement really comes in to it own when the value or significance of the purchase becomes such that overpaying, or buying the wrong item, will have a significantly detrimental effect on the company. It’s important to note that suppliers are in business to make money. For most suppliers, if they see an opportunity to make a sale, or increase...

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Shared Service Procurement for SMEs – Cost Transformation

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Cost Transformation, Marketing, Procurement, Return on Investment (ROI), Shared Service Procurement

We live in a world where large corporates have the ability to leverage their size and scale across all areas of procurement. This drive towards a more and more unified procurement methodology is helping these companies to drive efficiency into their business in a way that has never happed before. We were recently at a marketing procurement conference in London (we were one of the sponsors) were there were about 160 specific marketing procurement practitioners, this was probably the largest single gathering of marketing procurement professionals in Europe, if not the world this year. What it showed us was the range and breadth of marketing procurement talent out there and the variety of, and level success, that can be achieved. It’s clear that the more advanced and forward thinking the company is, they’re more likely to have a dedicated marketing procurement function. We all know that marketing is complex and requires the procurement department to have a multitude of category expertise; Media, Print, PR, Events, Market research and so on. Where this expertise is in place, and is working well with their colleagues in the marketing department, it is possible to drive tremendous value into the marketing spend. It’s also clear for a lot of these companies that’s it’s...

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