Keep up with Google through SEO Effectiveness

Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in Advertising, Return on Investment (ROI), Social Media, Technology

Each year Google makes on average 500 changes to it’s search engine algorithms. Some of these are small incremental changes, some however are fundamental to the way we see the web. This relentless pace of change is actually speeding up, so we all need to know and understand enough in order for us not to have our business websites damaged irreparably. The focus here is on Google as in the UK over 90% of all search is done via Google, albeit Microsoft’s Bing is applying a good amount of competitive pressure, but it’s still a way off in terms of overall impact. So what’s the reason for all the changes I hear you say? Well the search market is maturing, people (SEO companies) are becoming more and more sophisticated in manipulating the search results and the revenue that Google is getting is plateauing. This latter fact will clearly put extra pressure on Google to maintain their lead in the search market and they can only do this by continually improving search results for the user. For many of you I can hear you say “why does this matter to me? My site is fine.” The truth is that, depending on how clean your SEO team has been, future Google...

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Marketing Factory letter published in Marketing Week on the 31st January 2013

Posted by on Jan 31, 2013 in Marketing, Media, Return on Investment (ROI), Social Media, wasted spend

                  Marketers have been warned to take their social media activity more seriously and enforce higher standards of planning, strategy and evaluation into campaigns on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to boost their effectiveness. ————————————– It certainly is the ‘must do’ of the times but I’ve come across many companies through our social media surveys as well as clients who are simply on-board with social media just for the sake of it. To be on Facebook and Twitter isn’t for everyone and so its use must be approached with a clear and precise strategy separate from other channels. If you are going to utilise social media then do it for the right reasons. The current dynamic of social media platforms make it difficult to analyse the full potential in terms of intrinsic benefits so don’t use them to generate revenue. What they are incredibly good at is connecting like-minded consumers together to what they’re interested in. Providing valuable content and interaction is the key to drive your social media strategy and should be initiated accordingly. Having clear objectives and accurate planning will allow you to maximise these strategic benefits creating a stable base for your company to grow. If you’re...

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Online content personalisation – two sides of the coin

Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Social Media

As the volume of online audience gradually approaches a third of the world population, and a body of information we are exposed to is growing subsequently, personalising content, allowing websites to satisfy the needs of varied expanding user base, is proving to really land a helping hand.   The main argument for content customization remains more precise targeting of the message together with advertising and the opportunity to build a more personal relationship with users. Website visitors appreciate being treated as individuals, responding with higher engagement and conversion, which in turn leads to the increase of the website traffic and its profits. With regard to users, we get more personal and relevant online experiences. With the information we find or even the one finding us based on information websites are collecting on customers, such as our previous purchases or purchases of our like-minded peers, already tailored to our tastes, location, habits, affiliations, etc., decision-making strikes as being ever simpler and faster. Offering us information that we are more likely to be interested in, businesses reduce information clutter and in turn help us tackle the overwhelming amount of information we are bombarded with. There is such a great volume of news and so much choice of products and events, that it does...

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