The marketing of Procurement to Marketing

Posted by on Jan 31, 2013 in Marketing, Procurement, Uncategorized

Marketing and Procurement departments, it seems, may forever be at logger heads. Procurement is often seen by Marketing as the monsters coming in to cut Marketing’s budget. They are seen as being surrounded by numbers and graphs, contracts and clauses. Marketing is often seen by Procurement as the art department. They are perceived as the ones with all the creativity and brand awareness, but without the knowledge on how to buy what they do, better. And instead of fluttering around with an Excel spread sheet, they are swanning about with presentations covered in pretty pictures. Sadly, some minds cannot be changed. It is true however, that Procurement can offer a whole lot more to Marketing than is often thought. The thing is that it is not all about cost saving! Discovering time efficiencies is just as valuable as getting an agency to cut its costs, and sometimes even more so. Marketers often do not have the time to ask their agencies the questions which are engrained in a Procurement professional’s mind: What are your costs made up of? Who is doing this work? How long will it take each person to complete a stage in this job? Can you do it quicker? Can you use a different level of...

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Starbucks evolution

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So Starbucks has bought a luxury tea house called Teavana, in a $620m deal which secures Starbucks to now own a 300-strong chain of tea stores across shopping malls in the US. Starbucks already owns a tea brand, Tazo, and they are opening their first Tazo tea bar this week in Chicago. So alongside Tazo tea bars, there will now also be Starbucks Teavana tea bars. All this tea business is rather mind boggling, especially since we are talking about Starbucks, a brand completely synonymous with coffee … coffee bars. Not tea, or tea bars. And neither juice. Earlier this year Starbucks acquired Evolution Fresh, which is a fresh juice company, with the idea to open up a cluster of fresh juice bars across the US. Starbucks previously ditched “coffee” from its name. I get the strategy, but really – Starbucks Tea … Starbucks Juice … not quite the same ring. But fear not. Our trusted and established English tea is not yet under threat by this American giant. There is so far no known plans to open any Teavana in the UK....

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