One of the key elements of the Marketing Factory’s service structure is the ability to help client companies define and deliver significantly improved ROI on their marketing spend.


Through the use of extensively tested techniques our experienced team are able work through the entire spectrum of services both with in-house marketing teams and the clients’ preferred supplier to deliver comprehensive ROI programmes.

InsightSolutions is the Marketing Factory’s proprietary marketing analytics and effectiveness methodology and is designed to aid brands in establishing marketing and media effectiveness.

Our methodology can help clients answer a range of questions including:

  • Quantifying the impact of your marketing and communications activity on sales
  • Provide an understanding the impact of offline brand activity on online response
  • Measure the impact of on/offline direct activities on sales
  • Quantify the impact of key competitor activity
  • Control for (and measure) the influence of other key business drivers including PR, seasonality and macro/micro economic factors influencing demand
  • Identify and accurately attribute sales to marketing channels
  • Deliver regular consumer/shopper-based insights into:
    • attitudes towards new products
    • attitudes towards new creatives
    • attitudes towards offers
    • attitudes towards service
Our InsightSolutions programme allows brands to fully understand their marketing investment and drive real value based on empirical evidence.



Our methodologies and systems have been developed and tested with some of the worlds best brands and are fully customisable to all business sectors. Our approach focuses on developing a deep understanding of the clients requirements before we deploy services and personnel.

The InsightSolutions methodology is made up of three core elements. Cognos, Attribution modelling and InsightPolls

Cognos is a leading-edge analytics methodology, and forms the core of the Marketing Factory InsightSolutions platform.

Designed to help brands understand how communications can influence brand perceptions, generate loyalty, drive advocacy and ultimately increase Customer Lifetime Value, Cognos uses a complex mathematical technique to cut through the data and provide insights (qualitative and quantitative) about how your marketing and communications investments have an impact on consumers choice.

Using  information gathered by a proprietary online survey Cognos is able to able to provide answers to brands such as

  • Where to focus your investment
  • Which channels to focus on
  • How much money to invest in each channel


Using the very latest econometric techniques, we build models to help explain the driving factors behind sales, market share and/or any key business performance indicator. In that way, we can reliably quantify and measure the value of your marketing investment, leading to an improved budget allocation and the maximisation of its return to your business and shareholders.

Our models allow us to answer some of the tough business questions.

  • What is the impact of marketing, trade and non-marketing factors?
  • Was there a change in business performance?
  • Is it possible to increase further the marketing effectiveness and productivity?
  • How to improve marketing effectiveness and productivity?
  • How to balance brand building with tactical (marketing/communications) activity?
  • What is the likely outcome of a budget reallocation? (what-if scenarios)

InsightPolls are the Marketing Factory’s general survey, awareness and quick poll product. InsightPolls give you the ability to survey internal and external data panels in the same manner that you currently do with other survey companies as well as performing a high volume of quick surveys designed to capture more real time qualitative information.

InsightPolls can be broken down  in to  the the following  survey types.

Product / Concept Testing

  • Got a new product in the pipeline? need to get some rapid customer feedback on a new product idea? Use an InsightPoll to either our own panel or your own panel of customers to see if the idea will work

Client Satisfaction

  • You think that your customers are happy? Get some real feedback by using an InsightPoll to find our how you’re really doing.

Market Trends

  • Find out what your competitors are doing by polling consumers on current products, trends and perceptions

Campaign Ideation

  • Are your campaigns up to scratch. Test out your campaign and creative ideas on a wider audience before you make the leap to mass market.

We have 24+ question types and you can customise your survey to an almost unlimited extent. Want to use your own URL, no problem. Everything can be shared and exported giving you the highest levels of flexibility for your survey requirements.