Our marketing procurement consultancy provides the core delivery process to our client base, delivering significant transformational benefits as well as actionable savings and value insights.

The Marketing Factory provides its clients with a range of services that provide tangible and sustainable results across all types of marketing activity.

 We have deep category knowledge and robust proven methodologies that allow us to deliver high ROI projects in a focused and timely fashion 

Procurement Services

  • Compliance & exit auditing
  • Research and analysis
  • Pitch Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Financial modelling
  • Supplier search & selection
  • BTL programme implementation
  • Agency relationship management
  • Contract negotiation
  • De-coupling / unbundling agency services
  • Product sourcing
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Project management
  • Marketing Technology solutions
  • Collaborative buying

Delivering added value to our clients’ businesses is a core element of the Marketing Factory service.

Our capabilities cover every aspect of marketing. We have developed an highly sophisticated and complex combination of capabilities, designed to help our clients deliver best in class marketing services.

We provide marketing procurement consultants and contract negotiation consultants to UK and international clients. Our specialist services include strategic, operational, marketing effectiveness, ROI outsourcing, shared services, procurement risk advice and cost reduction programmes.

Our service delivery model is based on delivering tangible long term benefits and we have an excellent track record of providing this to our clients

The Marketing Factory team comes from a wide range of backgrounds including Procurement, Management consultancy, Marketing and Media.

This combination of skills and perspectives allows us to provide world class consulting services to our client base and unlike many other consultancy companies our focus on Marketing has allowed us to develop deep category knowledge.

Our contract consultants have given advice on telecommunication projects, major outsourcing programmes, utility marketing as well as ATL and BTL media agency negotiations. We have extensive experience of developing and integrating with internal client teams as well as delivering within cross functional teams.

This service is provided on a vendor neutral basis that allows for client specific weighting to develop specific supplier character traits in final vendor selection.

The vendor management team has run and participated in thousands of vendor assessment programmes on a global basis covering all type of marketing materials and is able to construct tailored programmes around specific client requirements.

Services include:

  • Identifying the most appropriate supplier – locally or globally
  • Risk assessment of different supply locations
  • Running tender processes
  • Sourcing services
  • E-sourcing services – working with clients’ systems or sourcing the appropriate technology for the job RFX

With extensive experience in large scale managed programme design, the team at the Marketing Factory is able to design, develop and implement large scale marketing programme for its clients. Within this area there are five principal service offerings.

  • Programme Design
  • Multi brand, multi country campaigns
  • Complex supply chain programme design
  • Supplier search and selection
  • Project management

The Marketing Factory is able to offer these services either on a consultancy basis or on a longer term managed project basis

We have developed a structured approach that guarantees top class results for our clients that is based upon empirical evidence and systematic discovery of opportunities and development of solutions. This process typically is undertaken in four key stages.

Category Experts: Our team have been responsible for directly managing in excess of 10,000 client marketing programmes over the past 5 years including print, fulfilment, POP & POS, media buying, online market research and events.

Best practice: Our proven approach to cost reduction through the use of best practice methodology allows us to provide our clients with practical tools on how to reduce costs whilst not stifling creativity or productivity. Our collaborative approach also allows us to work hand in hand with our marketing stakeholders to expand the areas of marketing spend in scope.

Technology: Bespoke tools or SAP integration we have extensive experience of working hand in hand with our clients to deliver complex solutions on a multi country, multi category basis.

  • Contract review and compliance
  • Current and new contracts
  • Analysis of historical spend
  • Opportunity identification
  • Contract negotiation
  • Supplier management
  • Audit services
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost recovery

As an organisation grows and the marketing spend becomes more complex it becomes increasingly important to ensure that commercially sound supplier agreements are in place. Auditing provides a safety net against these agreements and ensures that transparency, as well as a high level of corporate governance is maintained.

The Marketing Factory provides a range of audit services to help both large and small organisation ensure they get what they are paying for.

 Compliance Audit

  • Is you agency providing you with a great service? Are they really nice people and they get on well with your marketing department? Are they working within the terms of your agreement and are they providing you with the service in the contract.
  • We have many examples of where agencies are great at the relationship side of the business and they produce great work, but its not always they case that client is paying the right amount for the services they have contracted in. This mismatch in price could be looking at discounts, rebates, unbilled media and a whole host of other elements that may not always be apparent.
  • A compliance audit will bring this back into balance and will help to drive efficiency and strengthen processes, in turn leading to a better client/agency relationship

Remuneration Audit

  • Remuneration agreements can be complex and over time it’s not uncommon for the agreement to be forgotten and billing becomes increasingly opaque. Our remuneration audit will hep to ensure that the agency is billing based on the contracted resource levels. We will look at rates, hours, staff cost, overheads, scope of work and work performed. We can also provide external benchmarks to ensure that the commercial agreement in place is in line with market expectations.

Exit Audit

  • The relationship is over and you’ve moved on. It’s time to look back and ensure that you’ve got what you’ve paid for. Any over payments or discounts accrued can be discovered and returned in cash.
  • An exit audit is not only good practice, our experience shows that it can also help you hone your working practices with your new agency and recoup cash into the business.[/learn_more]