Our shared service procurement solution provides a unique marketing procurement methodology that allows businesses of all sizes to tap in to truly expert marketing procurement on an ‘as and when required’ basis.


Where organisations are unable to fully engage with marketing because of lack of resource or they lack the depth of expertise in their procurement department, the Marketing Factory is able to provide a shared services model that allows them to tap in to expert marketing procurement either across the entire marketing spend or on a category by category basis.

Shared service procurement is a low cost comprehensive solution that allows companies to deliver on both tactical and strategic goals.

Our teams work with your internal stakeholders in the same way your own procurement team would.

 No contract – we’re so confident that we can deliver real results on an ongoing basis that we won’t tie you into a contract. 

They will perform an opportunity analysis on a category by category basis and then will work with you quarterly, annual and tactically to ensure that the maximum value is derived from your marking spend.

By having the right level of expertise, at the right time, in the right category it will ensure that stakeholders are reassured that procurement is bringing real value and insight to their marketing activities.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your marketing investment goes further and because we operate on a contract-less basis our teams are incentivised to work with your internal and external stakeholders to drive the agenda forward.

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Shared service procurement offers specialist resource covering all areas of marketing spend allowing us to identify and deliver significant transformational and value benefits on an ongoing basis.

Once engaged the shared service procurement team will perform a diagnostic review of your current marketing and procurement operations with a view to assessing, understanding and planning a “Year 1 Roadmap”

This initial diagnostic allows us to understand your workflow, your key stakeholders – both internal and external, as well as identifying key procurement opportunities

  • Spend analysis
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Supplier engagement models
  • SLAs and Scorecards
  • Category management plans

The tactical procurement element of the shared service procurement programme provides the day to day opportunity to make tactical procurement wins. For most clients these include the following types of activities.

  • Supplier negotiation planning
  • Major supplier negotiations
  • Pitch Management
  • e-RFX tendering

The category experts will work with your marketing teams to understand the tactical requirements and will work with them using proprietary tools and systems to help them deliver better costs on their marketing spend.


Each quarter the shared service procurement team will work with your internal stakeholders to establish benchmarks and category trends as well as holding supplier reviews with your major suppliers.

The quarterly actions are designed to systematically drive relationships forward and ensure that gains that have been made on tactical basis are maintained and that overall costs are kept low on a long term basis.

What’s included each quarter;

  • Category trends
  • External benchmarks vs actual paid
  • Supplier review / SRM
  • Supplier recommendations
  • Compliance monitoring

Annually the shared service procurement team will work with you on a variety of actions, these include;

  • Contract audit and review
  • Contract calendar monitoring
  • Remuneration model review
  • Skills Audit
  • Training Assessment
  • ROI analysis – overview
  • Procurement GAP analysis

The annual dimension to this service provides a strategic element and gives clients a longer term focus on where they should be heading. Our team of experts understand the wider market and are able to review and assist, helping to maintain and drive cost down.

  • Category management plans
  • Benchmarks
  • Historic category trends
  • Ongoing market research